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Energy Indpendence for America

By July 9, 2013September 3rd, 2014Blog

Energy Independence for America

Dear Friends of ROUSH CleanTech,

I hope that you enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday.

Today, as we watch the news from around the globe, we see many examples of unrest that affect our way of life. Look at Egypt. Because of this political unrest, the U.S. will ultimately be paying higher oil prices, which equates to higher gas and diesel prices at the pump. Now is the time that we need to break from foreign markets controlling our transportation fuel supplies by using domestically sourced fuels and technology.

In the U.S., the public transportation market is making great strides in the adoption of alternative fuels, in particular propane autogas powered paratransit shuttles and school buses. There is great potential to make a significant environmental and fiscal impact with propane autogas school buses. Nationwide, there are roughly 480,000 total school buses with more than 60 percent being Type C models. That means there are an estimated 300,000 school buses that could potentially be fueled by propane autogas — a clean, economical, domestically produced alternative fuel.

For example, if 300,000 school buses fueled by propane autogas are saving 4,000 gallons of diesel per year:

  • Nearly 1.2 billion gallons of diesel would be displaced per year.
  • Almost 900 million pounds of CO2 would be eliminated from the atmosphere.
  • Particulate matter would be reduced by 100 percent compared to diesel.
  • Approximately$1.56 billion would be saved in fuel costs with $2.00 per gallon in savings with propane autogas, taking in to account the energy adjustment.

From California to Nebraska to Georgia, school districts across the country are realizing the benefits of making the switch to propane autogas. The fuel cost savings for these districts means more money for schools, teachers, education and taxpayers. In Arizona, Mesa Public Schools reports a 60 percent fuel savings per gallon when compared to diesel. That’s huge! And, the lower emissions and decreased noise levels compared to diesel are good for not only the students, but the drivers as well.

As a taxpayer, a parent, a teacher, a superintendent, a citizen, imagine what our nation could do with an extra $1.56 billion focused on bettering the country. Let’s break free from dependence on foreign energy sources and build a stronger, more independent America — for our children and ourselves.

Give me a call today at 800.59.ROUSH to learn more about how you can clean the air and provide reliable, propane autogas powered school bus transportation in your district.


Todd Mouw