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Denali Surveys Propane Autogas in Alaska’s Pristine Wilderness

By October 5, 2011September 4th, 20122011 Headline, Clean Tech News, Headlines, In the News

Denali Surveys Propane Autogas in Alaska’s Pristine Wilderness

September 20, 2011 — Denali National Park is among the variety of fleets across Alaska signing on to take propane autogas for a test drive in the state’s pristine wilderness.Propane autogas received a welcome reception in Alaska with the success of last month’s Alaska Propane Technical Summit that exemplified how propane autogas technology can promote job growth and environmental sustainability throughout the state, capturing the interest of local municipalities, government officials and other stakeholders, including Matanuska Electric Association.

“One of the reasons we’ve looked at moving toward propane autogas has been to lower the amount of conventional liquid fuels that move across our state and spill onto rural roads and inside national parks,” said John Quinley, assistant regional director for the National Park Services in Alaska.

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