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Dealer Spotlight: North Central Bus Sales

Dealer Spotlight: North Central Bus Sales

Dealer: North Central Bus SalesDealer Spotlight North Central 12.17.18

Last month, we hosted what we’ve been calling ‘Region Rally’s’ with Minnesota’s North Central Bus Sales to focus on alternative-fuel school bus sales. The goal of each Region Rally is to get the entire sales teams together from the dealer, ROUSH CleanTech and Blue Bird to work together on a few days of training and sales calls.

The rally began at North Centrals’ St. Cloud facility with a daylong training course discussing the different school bus fuel options. For the next two days, we divided into teams — with one person from each company— to make sales calls.

The teams drove propane demo buses to visit almost 20 customer locations. Customers had the opportunity to take test drives and ask questions about the propane school bus.

It was a very successful event with potential new propane customers in the works.

Thank you to the North Central Bus Sales team for participating in the rally!

If you are interested in an event like this, please contact Ryan Zic at