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Dealer Spotlight: Nebraska / Central Equipment, Inc.

Dealer Spotlight: Nebraska / Central Equipment, Inc.

Dealer: Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc.

Interviewee: Tyler Cox

Title: Sales Manager

Recently, Nebraska/Central Equipment secured two new propane customers in a state where about 80 buses are sold each year. Between the two deals, Tyler Cox, sales manager at Nebraska Central, sold 14 propane buses. That’s almost 20 percent of the entire share.

The first new propane customer is Bellevue Public Schools. Representatives from the district visited ROUSH CleanTech last year. Tyler organized the trip specifically for Bellevue Public Schools to consider alternatives to diesel. And, it worked. The district’s transportation director said that its RFP couldn’t be changed from diesel, but had a change of heart after the tour. He revised the RFP and ordered propane.

Bellevue Public Schools bought 10 propane buses, which was the district’s first-ever Blue Bird purchase.

The second new propane customer is Arapahoe Public Schools. Looking to replace its entire fleet, the district was initially persuaded by IC Bus’s low bid. Undaunted, Tyler attended a school board meeting to discuss the district’s issues with their buses. The district’s diesel buses had DEF issues and frequent turbo replacements.

This allowed Tyler to address the emissions and the cost savings associated with propane school buses. The district replaced all six of its diesel buses with four Blue Bird Vision Propane school buses and two Micro Bird gasoline buses. The district made a 100 percent switch, and leased all of the buses from Tyler with a 5-year lease to own agreement.

Congratulation to Tyler Cox and the Nebraska/Central Equipment team for winning this business!