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Dealer Spotlight: Canyon State Bus Sales

Dealer Spotlight: Canyon State Bus Sales

Dealer: Canyon State Bus SalesCanyon State Bus Sales Sept. 2018

Interviewee: Frank Villani

Title: New Bus Sales – Northern Arizona

Propane steals the show. At least, that’s what happened for Canyon State Bus Sales.

Dealer sales rep Frank Villani has been trying to win over Arizona’s Flagstaff Unified District, an IC Bus diesel bus customer, for many years without success. That was until Frank presented the Blue Bird propane model to district representatives.

The district reps had to make some comparisons to complete due diligence. First, they demoed the IC propane product. That’s when they found that the IC bus didn’t perform the way they had expected in this mountainous region.

Then, the district reps demoed the Blue Bird Vision Propane. They were wowed by its performance and its ability to navigate the challenging terrain of the school district. In fact, they were so impressed that they purchased two units.

Congratulations, Frank and Canyon State Bus Sales! You’ve accomplished a huge conquest with perseverance and a solid propane product.