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Customer Spotlight: Amphitheater Public Schools

Customer Spotlight: Amphitheater Public Schools

Customer: Amphitheater Public Schools
Interviewee: Marcela Arizpuro
Title: Director of Transportation and Food Services
Dealer: Canyon State Bus

Propane buses have been a tremendous success with Amphitheater Public Schools’ special needs students and families. The Arizona school district runs three Blue Bird Vision school buses, purchased from Canyon State Bus, on its daily special needs routes.

Marcela Arizpuro, the district’s director of transportation and food services, says that propane buses provide “Special Education student sensitivity” stemming from the buses’ quiet ride. She says that passengers appreciate the significant noise level difference between diesel and propane buses.

The district is reducing its carbon footprint impact to the environment, too. The Blue Bird propane buses will reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by over 1,000 pounds and particulate matter by nearly 10 pounds each year when compared with the 2009 diesel buses they replaced.

Additionally, the district is realizing significant fuel cost savings that come with adopting propane buses instead of diesel. According to Arizpuro, the district currently pays almost one dollar less per gallon for propane compared with diesel.

To fuel the buses, the district installed a 2,000-gallon tank propane station at their main transportation location. Arizpuro likes the flexibility and convenience of on-site fueling, and not having to depend on a propane provider to fuel the buses nightly.

Arizpuro sees more propane buses in the district’s future depending on the needs of the students and district growth.