Company Timeline

An overview of major milestones in the ongoing ROUSH CleanTech story.

04.12.06 ROUSH receives a $1,209,410 grant from the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) for development of a liquid propane autogas fuel system for the Ford F-150.
03.12.08 First order received; 136 propane autogas powered Ford F-150s for DeKalb County, Ga.
02.13.09 Press conference is held at ROUSH headquarters, unveiling long-term propane product strategy with the launch of fuel system development for Ford F-250 / F-350 and Ford E-150 / E-250 / E-350. Media coverage exceeds 100 million impressions.
07.15.10 ROUSH CleanTech is legally formed.
10.18.10 The ROUSH CleanTech brand is officially launched at Green Fleet Conference in San Diego, CA. ThyssenKrupp Elevator announces product adoption into Phoenix, Ariz. fleet.
02.01.11 Frito-Lay announces plans to adopt 2,000 ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas vehicles.
02.15.11 NASCAR purchases two ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas powered Ford F-250s for pilot program.
03.08.11 The ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-450 / F-550 is unveiled at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind.
10.27.11 The ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-250 / F-350 is unveiled at the GIE+Expo in Louisville, Ky.
12.16.11 ROUSH CleanTech headquarters are relocated to a state of the art manufacturing facility located in Livonia, Mich.
02.03.12 Production begins on Blue Bird Next Generation Propane Powered Type C School Buses at the ROUSH CleanTech headquarters in Livonia, Mich.
06.18.12 ROUSH CleanTech’s liquid propane autogas powered Ford E-450 completed the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) New Model Bus Testing Program (referred to as “Altoona Testing”).
06.25.12 First Student, the largest student transportation provider in North America, took delivery of 86 Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision school buses.
07.23.12 DHL Express launched 100 Ford E-250 cargo pickup and delivery vans fueled by ROUSH CleanTech’s propane autogas fuel system.
09.12.12 Green Alternative Systems (GAS) and ROUSH CleanTech partner to provide installations for the transit, para-transit and commercial ground transportation markets.
09.27.12 Sears Holdings announced their adoption of 27 new ROUSH CleanTech Ford E-250 cargo vans fueled by propane autogas.
11.08.12 SuperShuttle unveils its 75th ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas Ford E-350 shuttle van at an event titled “Shuttling Arizona to a Cleaner Future.”
11.16.12 ROUSH CleanTech launches their brand new propane autogas fuel systems for Ford F-250 and F-350 pickup trucks and chassis cabs.
12.19.12 Student Transportation, Inc., places the largest propane-powered school bus order in industry history with their contract to operate 434 Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision school buses in Omaha Public Schools.
01.11.13 ROUSH CleanTech headquarters are relocated to a brand-new manufacturing facility in Livonia, Mich.
03.14.13 ROUSH CleanTech expands alternative fuel technology product offerings with new propane autogas fuel systems for the Ford F-53, F-59 and E-450 stripped chassis.
04.14.13 ROUSH CleanTech announces production of a brand new product, the Ford F-650 chassis cab, at the Southeastern Propane Expo in Atlanta, Ga.
05.21.13 ROUSH CleanTech and Blue Bird Corporation sell their 1,000th Propane-Powered Vision Type C school bus.
06.09.13 ROUSH CleanTech awarded Michigan Green Leader honorable mention by the Detroit Free Press.
06.12.13 Alpha Baking Co. launches fleet of 22 Ford E-450 step vans in Chicago at a press event with local dignitaries.
06.25.13 DIRECTV announces plan to increase existing fleet of propane autogas fueled vans.
08.11.13 USA Today runs article on school buses equipped with ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel systems.
09.11.13 ROUSH CleanTech customers Flint Mass Transportation Authority and Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority receive “Top User of Clean-Burning Propane Autogas” awards from Metro Magazine and PERC at BusCon Expo.
10.24.13 Knight’s Limo holds press event to announce their adoption of ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas ground transportation vehicles.
03.06.14 FedEx Ground announces their adoption of propane autogas delivery trucks at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind.
03.21.14 DISH Network holds a press event announcing their recent propane autogas vehicle deployment in southern California.
04.07.14 Broward County Public Schools adds 98 school buses fueled by propane autogas – the most ever purchased directly from a school district.
06.03.14 The first ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-550 trucks service the streets of City of Santa Ana.
08.21.14 Mobile County Public Schools hosts an event titled, “It Starts with Us”, where they debuted their propane autogas fleet, which is the first propane school bus fleet in Alabama.
10.14.14 The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority announces their adoption of 20 propane autogas paratransit shuttle buses at the APTA Annual Expo in Houston, Tex.
11.06.14 Nestle Waters announces their adoption of propane autogas powered medium-duty beverage trucks.
01.13.15 ROUSH CleanTech earns California Air Resources Board (CARB) retrofit certification for all Ford 6.8-liter vehicles for model years 2012 to 2015.
03.04.15 At the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, AmeriPride announces their purchase plans for more propane autogas powered delivery trucks for their Topeka, KS location.
04.08.15 AmeriGas, the nation’s largest retail propane supplier, demonstrates their commitment to the industry with a purchase of 50 propane autogas powered crane trucks.
04.21.15 Michigan’s The Rapid deploys four ROUSH CleanTech paratransit shuttles to its GO!Bus fleet.
04.28.15 ROUSH CleanTech celebrates the one-year anniversary of its Field Operating System Service Cloud.
05.13.15 ConocoPhillips announces it will convert 30 trucks to propane autogas in 2015 and replace more than 300 more trucks over the next five years with vehicles powered by propane fuel technology.
05.21.15 SMART, southeast Michigan’s regional public transportation provider, adds 61 Connector propane autogas fueled buses, making SMART the second largest autogas powered paratransit fleet in Michigan and one of the top five in the U.S.
08.04.15 DeKalb County Central United Schools replaces three diesel buses with Blue Bird Vision models fueled by propane autogas.
09.02.15 Michigan’s largest fleet of propane autogas buses drives Detroit Public Schools’ students. ABC Student Transportation, DPS’s transportation provider, adds 35 alternative-fueled Blue Bird Vision Propane buses.
09.08.15 Ontario’s Hammond Transportation deploys 20 economical and clean propane autogas school buses to its transportation fleet.
09.16.15 ROUSH CleanTech develops new Ford E-450 extended range propane autogas fuel tank for transit customers.
10.18.15 ROUSH CleanTech celebrates its five-year anniversary.
11.03.15 Maryland’s first propane autogas fueled Blue Bird Vision bus goes into operation in Anne Arundel County.
12.31.15 ROUSH CleanTech has more than 9,000 vehicles equipped with its propane autogas fuel systems on the roads.
03.03.16 Bimbo Bakeries USA deploys 84 Ford F-59 propane autogas delivery trucks for operation in its Chicago, Denver and Washington, D.C. markets.
03.03.16 Nestlé Waters North America adds 155 Ford F-650 delivery trucks powered by propane autogas, increasing its total autogas fleet to 185.
04.06.16 ROUSH CleanTech introduces new propane autogas fuel system for the Ford F-750 during the NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo.
08.03.16 Transit agencies continue to choose propane, with Delaware Transit Corporation, Florida’s LeeTran, Michigan’s Bay Area Transportation Authority, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority and many more operating propane-fueled shuttles for paratransit operation.
09.01.16 More than 600 school districts now operate 8,000 Blue Bird school buses equipped with ROUSH CleanTech propane fuel systems, including 15 of the top districts nationwide.
12.7.16 San Diego Metro Transit System invests in 77 propane autogas shuttles.
12.31.16 ROUSH CleanTech deploys its 14,000th propane autogas vehicle.
01.30.17 More than 90 percent of all propane school buses currently operating in the U.S. are equipped with ROUSH CleanTech’s fuel system.
02.09.17 The South Carolina Department of Education purchases 26 propane autogas school buses, saving the state 29 cents per mile compared to diesel.
03.01.17 ROUSH CleanTech adds a Customer Success team to support all technical and customer service.
03.15.17 ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas vehicles now have been driven more than 400 million miles, displaced over 500 million gallons of diesel.
03.30.17 Roush Chairman Jack Roush is inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame.
04.17.17 ROUSH CleanTech adds a propane autogas tank option for Ford F-450 / F-550 trucks to accommodate customer request.
06.06.17 ROUSH CleanTech develops the first propane autogas engine available in class 4 – 7 vehicles certified to the optional low nitrogen oxide level of .05 g/bhp-hr — 75 percent cleaner than the current emissions standard.
07.27.17 Fulton County Schools rolls out Blue Bird’s 10,000th propane powered bus.
09.26.17 Colonial Airport Parking turns to propane autogas to increase operating efficiencies, joining other airport parking companies like SuperShuttle and ACE Parking in adopting the alternative fuel.
10.09.17 ROUSH CleanTech develops propane autogas system for the Ford E-350.
12.11.17 Nestle Waters North America now operates 30 percent of its North American fleet on propane autogas (about 600 vehicles).
03.07.18 Southern Eagle Distributing, one of the oldest continual Anheuser-Busch distributorships in the U.S., deploys propane autogas Ford F-650 beverage delivery trucks.
03.27.18 ROUSH CleanTech is the first propane autogas fuel system manufacturer to receive EPA and CARB’s heavy-duty on-board diagnostics certification for all its engines.
05.01.18 ROUSH CleanTech enters the electric vehicle market with the Ford F-650.
05.02.18 Schwan’s Home Services deploys 200 propane vehicles equipped with ROUSH CleanTech technology, with 400 more on order.
05.10.18 Blue Bird extends exclusive partnership with ROUSH CleanTech through 2025 to manufacture propane, compressed natural gas and gasoline-powered school buses.
07.28.18 Parent company Roush Enterprise is named one of the “Fast 50” for fastest growing companies in southeast Michigan in 2018.
08.28.18 ROUSH CleanTech develops first available 0.02 ultra-low NOx propane autogas engine that is 90-percent cleaner than EPA’s most stringent standard.
11.08.18 ROUSH CleanTech launches the first available near-zero emissions engine fueled by renewable propane.
12.04.18 Leander Independent School District celebrates 10 years of operating Blue Bird propane buses, adds 24 more.
02.01.19 NASCAR inducts Jack Roush into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
02.14.19 ROUSH CleanTech wins Heavy Duty Trucking’s 2019 Top 20 Products awards for its ultra-low NOx propane engine.
04.25.19 Some Los Angeles International Airport passengers now receive meals delivered by HACOR’s propane vehicles as ROUSH CleanTech continues expanding autogas vehicles in catering industry.
05.01.19 ROUSH CleanTech sells its 20,000th propane autogas vehicle.
05.08.19 ROUSH CleanTech develops 0.02 ultra-low NOx engine for compressed natural gas that is 90-percent cleaner than EPA’s most stringent standard.
10.27.19 ROUSH Fenway racecar No. 6 features Blue Bird colors and logo to mark 15,000th propane school bus.
12.10.19 ROUSH CleanTech has more than 25,000 vehicles in operation, more than 2,000 customers and 1 billion miles accumulated.
02.19.20 School districts in New Mexico receive the state’s propane school buses, bringing the total number to 1.2 million students in 48 states operating these advanced clean buses.
03.04.20 For the first time ever, propane autogas fuels some U.S. Postal Service package delivery trucks through contractor McAbee Trucking.
10.20.20 ROUSH CleanTech begins production of its new Gen 5 propane fuel system with Ford 7.3L engine.
10.21.20 ROUSH CleanTech celebrates its 10 year anniversary.
10.26.20 ROUSH CleanTech supplies Class 6 battery electric demo vehicles to Penske Truck Leasing.
01.26.21 ROUSH CleanTech’s battery electric truck achieves key California incentive (Hybrid and Zero-emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project eligibility listing).
03.28.21 Micro Bird is first to reach the optional low emissions standard for Type A propane vehicles.
03.29.21 Six South Dakota school districts receive funding to purchase emissions-reducing propane autogas school buses.
04.19.21 ROUSH CleanTech partners with First Priority Group (FPG) to create a line of purpose-built, all-electric emergency and specialty vehicles.
04.22.21 Pennsylvania’s TransNet deploys 34 ROUSH CleanTech Ford E-450 propane-fueled paratransit buses. A recent study proves that compared with all other alternative fuels, propane autogas is the most efficient mid-duty transit bus option, based on cost and lifecycle.
07.20.21 Roush CleanTech collaborates with Penske Truck Leasing and Proterra Inc., on fleet electrification strategies and supply industry-leading battery technology for the next-generation Ford F-650 all-electric commercial truck.
01.01.22 ROUSH CleanTech’s service network grows to over 700 locations across the United States and Canada.
01.18.22 ROUSH CleanTech is first to earn the optional ultra-low nitrogen oxide CARB certification for 2022 model year vehicles with its Gen 5 propane engine.
02.18.22 The City of Los Angeles operates ROUSH CleanTech’s electric vehicle for sustainability operations, including street service and annual marathon.
04.18.22 St. Louis County Schools in Minnesota runs 100% of its school bus fleet on propane.
04.20.22 ThompsonGas adds 10 new ROUSH CleanTech delivery trucks. The company focuses on moving its entire fleet to propane.
12.15.22 ROUSH CleanTech moves to Roush headquarters, with more than one million square feet of product development capability for clean energy, automotive, military, entertainment and aerospace solutions.
01.23.23 Decade-old school bus in Minnesota powered with ROUSH CleanTech propane engine clocks in 250,000 miles. Many propane buses with 200,000+ miles successfully operate around the nation.
05.17.23 Ultra-low nitrogen oxide comes standard with all ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas engines.
05.29.23 Minnesota’s St. Louis County Schools’ robotics team travels 1,200 miles on a propane bus, proving the long-haul viability of propane autogas.
08.28.23 About 150 school districts across the country begin the 2023-24 school year with brand new buses powered by ROUSH CleanTech propane technology.
11.09.23 ROUSH CleanTech sees a trend with United States Postal Service contractors building sustainable fleets by operating propane delivery trucks.
12.09.23 ROUSH CleanTech’s robust training program trains its 2,500th technician on propane autogas.

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