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CleanTech Talks Facts

By May 14, 2013May 13th, 2014Blog

CleanTech Talks Facts

Dear Friends of ROUSH CleanTech,

I just finished reading a recent ICF International report entitled “Propane Market Outlook 2013.”  ICF, a well-respected research company in the energy and environmental sectors, assesses key market trends and opportunities in the propane industry. Information from this in-depth report might help dispel some myths I’ve heard about propane autogas, including:

Myth: The U.S. does not have sufficient supplies of propane.
Fact: The nation has so much propane that it started exporting the energy source in 2011. Last year the U.S. exported 2.5 billion gallons. Propane exports are expected to increase to more than 4 billion gallons per year by 2015.

Myth: Not many propane autogas vehicles are sold each year.
Fact: ICF expects propane autogas vehicle sales to increase from 5,000 in 2011 to more than 40,000 per year by 2020 — and that’s a conservative estimate.

Myth: If the demand for vehicles fueled by propane autogas increases, propane prices will spike — just like diesel has in the past. 
Fact: ICF expects propane prices to remain low. In fact, ICF forecasts propane prices to remain well below historical averages for the foreseeable future.

Myth: There won’t be sufficient propane supplies to meet demand if vehicle sales go up.
Fact: Shale expansion continues to uncover more sources of propane. In fact, ICF projects North American production of propane to increase from 13.4 billion gallons per year in 2012, to 15.6 billion gallons a year in 2015, and to 18.1 billion gallons per year in 2020.

And speaking of facts, here’s one more: Today across the nation, gasoline averages $3.60 and diesel $3.87. Compared that to propane autogas’ average price of $1.82 at the pump.

Also in the issue of CleanTalk, check out USA Today’s article on the move for public transportation to switch to alternative fuels, including propane autogas, for the economic future of their fleets. Listen to Joe Thompson talk about ROUSH CleanTech products, business and growth on WWJ news radio 950 or check out his new blog posting entitled “Now is the Time for Domestic Fuel Use in Public Transportation.” And hear from a new ROUSH CleanTech customer, who estimates $180,000 fuel cost savings each year from their propane autogas buses.

Want to discuss the myths or learn the facts about this clean, cheap and secure alternative fuel? Give me a call at 800.59.ROUSH. 


Todd Mouw