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Cast Your Vote for Alternative Fuels

Cast Your Vote for Alternative Fuels

Dear Friends of ROUSH CleanTech,
Todd Mouw, VP of sales and marketing, ROUSH CleanTech

It’s Election Day! Throughout this presidential race, both candidates have thrown a lot of information and “facts” at you. While some may take those at face value, it makes sense to take a deeper look before your final vote is cast.

The same is true when you’re presented with making decisions for your fleet. It’s like the presidential election — you’re investing in the future and you need to know the facts. One source for propane info is the Energy Information Administration energy outlook for 2017.  Their recent short term energy outlook for 2017 predicts the average price for diesel will increase from $2.31 to $2.69. While this is still a far cry from the $4.50 plus per gallon we saw several years ago it does represent a significant increase that makes your task of budgeting even more difficult.

Another good source is ICF International’s 2016 Propane Market Outlook, which forecasts through 2025 that total propane vehicle sales will quadruple based on 2014 sales. According to ICF, a continuing growth in domestic propane production, combined with a modest rebound in oil prices, is expected to ensure the continuation of a significant fuel cost advantage in markets where propane competes against diesel particularly for vehicle fleets. For example, Leander Independent School District in Texas pays only 75 cents per gallon for propane autogas compared to $1.50 per gallon for diesel.

Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. We have plenty to be thankful for including the fact that our country is rich in domestic energy options like propane autogas that can power our growth for decades to come.

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Todd Mouw