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Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Propane Autogas

By April 11, 2017Blog

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Propane Autogas

Dear Friends of ROUSH CleanTech,
Todd Mouw, VP of sales and marketing, ROUSH CleanTech

Spring is here and baseball has finally returned! It is a great time to reflect and appreciate all of the things that make our country a great place to live.

One of our many blessings is that we are rich in domestic energy such as propane and natural gas with a documented supply of well over 100 years.

Propane autogas is much more than an alternative to fueling vehicles. It’s an energy choice that is pro-jobs, pro-return on investment and pro-environment. It’s a fuel that is produced in abundance in America but we continue to export billions of gallons to countries that are using it to support their transportation needs.

The recent executive order on energy independence and economic growth supports our mission. This policy is set to protect the environment and promote development of U.S. energy resources.

With an abundance of fuel available, it’s advantageous for us to pursue opportunities to increase the number of propane autogas vehicles on U.S. roads. One such opportunity is the ongoing Volkswagen EMT settlement. There has been some recent activity on that front and we could see funding for propane-fueled school buses and transit vehicles late this year.

Wilmington Trust has been named the overall trustee for the VW settlement. Once the Trustee Effective Date is established, each state will have 60 days to name their beneficiary. Once chosen, each state beneficiary must draft and submit a plan within 90 days, which will be made public for at least 30 days. Then, Wilmington Trust will have another 30 days to approve the plan. For more background on the VW settlement, read my recent blog post.

States can move faster than the maximum time allowed, which means they will all be working on their own timeline. For your voice to be heard, action is needed now. Contact your state’s beneficiary, energy office and governor’s office to encourage the inclusion of propane autogas-fueled vehicles in their plan.

If you have any suggestions or questions on how to pursue VW funding in your state, please contact us at 800.59.ROUSH.


Todd Mouw