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Alaska Propane Draws Spectrum of Advocates

By October 5, 2011February 28th, 20122011 In The News, Clean Tech in The News

Alaska Propane Draws Spectrum of Advocates

Alaska Dispatch

For the past nine months, two trucks fueled by propane have been cruising Alaska’s roads. One of the trucks was used on the North Slope and weathered temperatures 55 below, to widespread acclaim. Now, one of those trucks is being tested in Denali National Park and Preserve. The manager of the park’s lone, 85-mile road is, thus far, impressed.

“I’ve seen absolutely no difference whatsoever between it and the other vehicles in the fleet, other than the starting and fueling procedures. It has the same pep, same power and it pulls fine,” he told the folks at ROUSH CleanTech, who developed the technology that allows vehicles to run on propane identically to gas and diesel-powered engines…

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