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A Common Sense Approach to Moving the Needle Toward Energy Security

A Common Sense Approach to Moving the Needle Toward Energy Security

Did you know that our founder, Jack Roush, always includes USA in his signature? This is a telling symbol of his dedication to our nation and the products we design, engineer, manufacture and install at ROUSH CleanTech’s headquarters in Livonia, Michigan.

Our advanced clean transportation solutions aim to decrease the use of imported gasoline and diesel so that Americans can rely on American-made energy, like propane autogas. With more than 90% of the U.S. propane autogas supply being produced domestically, and an additional 7% from our neighbors up north, it’s a stable fuel that’s readily available. Propane’s distribution process — which creates 80,000 American jobs — doesn’t fall victim to global supply chain issues since propane doesn’t have to cross an ocean to reach its destination.

Another growing domestic resource that will help move the needle toward energy independence is renewable propane. Interest in this fuel is expanding due to its near-zero emission levels, reduced greenhouse gases, and ability to help meet the need for cleaner products without compromising range, performance or available payload.

Renewable propane supply is increasing due to substantial investment by industry stalwarts, such as Suburban Propane and AmeriGas Propane. Several U.S. refineries in California, Texas and Louisiana have existing capacity to produce renewable propane as part of their renewable diesel production systems. And, the demand is tangible. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, renewable propane in California alone could surpass 200 million gallons by 2030.

Every year, the U.S. exports billions of gallons of propane to other countries to use in their vehicles that we, instead, should be using in our own. By adopting fleet vehicles and school buses powered by propane, we can further cut the ties to foreign oil and rely on domestically produced, all-American energy like propane autogas.

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I hope that you and your loved ones had a fantastic Fourth of July.