Propane Autogas for Paratransit Fleets

The ideal energy choice

Propane autogas is the leading alternative fuel for paratransit agencies because it ranks as the most efficient medium duty transit vehicle fuel. ROUSH CleanTech propane engines:

  • Operate 90% cleaner than mandated EPA and CARB standards.
  • Save 40-50% or more on fuel.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%.
  • Seamlessly connect with the easiest, safest and least expensive on-site fueling option.
  • Do not compromise on reliability, range or performance.
  • Emit 96% less nitrogen oxides than diesel and 68% less than gasoline.

See how your agency can adopt propane in three easy steps.

Transit agencies can use ROUSH CleanTech’s Ford E-450 cutaway and the Blue Bird CX2 Propane, which have both completed the Federal Transit Administration’s New Model Bus Testing Program (“Altoona Testing”). Learn more about vehicle specifications here.

Sustainable, Affordable and Available Now

ROUSH CleanTech has helped over 100 transit agencies transition to propane-fueled vehicles, transforming their communities and their budgets. 

Learn why transit agencies choose propane autogas here.

Funding Incentives

There are many private and public incentive programs to assist with the adoption of clean alternative fuels like propane. Visit our funding page to read about the full list of funding opportunities.

How much could you be saving? Determine your cost per mile and return on investment with propane autogas vehicles with a Fuel Savings Calculator.

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What Our Customers Say

“When you can do something that helps you to make positive changes to the environment and saves you money, that’s something you ought to jump on. MTS will save about $5.8 million over the five to seven-year life cycle of the vehicles and reduce the carbon intensity by 71%.” — Ron Roberts, vice chair, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (California)

“With a propane fueling infrastructure, propane is the most cost-effective alt fuel system. We saved $9.6 million in fuel costs alone compared with gasoline over the past 7 years. Add in the alt fuel credits and we saved $13.4 million. And that doesn’t include the Florida incentives we received.” — Paul Strobis, director of paratransit, Broward County Transit (Florida)

“We were looking for cleaner emissions, reduced downtime and lower cost per mile. ROUSH CleanTech’s propane-fueled E-450s achieved all these goals.” — Dennis Griffey, maintenance director, Kitsap Transit (Washington)

Check out this video to hear about real-world propane deployment from transit agencies around the nation.